Xavier And Cincinnati Players Brawl At Crosstown Shootout (Video)

xavier cincinnati brawlIf tensions between Xavier and Cincinnati’s men’s basketball teams weren’t already high enough, they seemed to reach new heights during the 2011 edition of the Crosstown Shootout on Saturday.

With time winding down and Xavier leading by 23 points, some pushing and shoving in the paint turned into an all-out bench-clearing brawl that saw several punches thrown by players from both teams and a total of 30 games in suspensions handed out by both schools.

Yancy Gates, Cheikh Mbodj and Octavius Ellis of Cincinnati were each suspended for six games, while teammate Ge’Lawn Guyn received a one-game suspension.  As for Xavier, they will be without Dez Wells and Landen Amos for four games, Mark Lyons for two games and Tu Holloway for one game.

Here is a closer look at how the incident at the Cintas Center unfolded.

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