Moses Parts The Red Sea At A High School Basketball Game (Video)

moses parts red seaTaylor University’s “Silent Night Game” is cool.  John Brown University’s “Toilet Paper Game” is even cooler.  But in my opinion, both pale in comparison to Lawrence Central Catholic High’s pre-game “parting of the Red Sea.”

Prior to each of their home games, the students in the “Red Sea fan group” simulate a giant body of water by waving their arms back and forth, all the while a man dressed as Moses stands in front of them with his broom.  Suddenly, at Moses’ request, the fans part down the middle in unison, making way for the prophet’s accent to the top of the stands.  And once he gets there, the “Let’s Go Central” chants begin.

I’m not quite sure if this tradition will win you games, but it is bound to earn you nationwide recognition as one of the most dedicated high school fan bases across the country.

Hat Tip – [Prep Rally]

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