The Carolina Panthers Ran “The Annexation Of Puerto Rico” Yesterday (Video)

annexation of puerto ricoWhen the Carolina Panthers used a trick-play to score their third touchdown of yesterday’s game and pull ahead of the Houston Texans by a score of 21-0, many football experts thought Panthers’ head coach Ron Rivera had just taken a page from the 1984 Miami Hurricanes playbook, as his team executed a “fumblerooski-like” play to perfection.  However, following the game Rivera claimed that it was not the ’84 Canes who had inspired the play.  Instead, it was the 1994 family football comedy, “Little Giants.”

In the movie, during the Little Giants’ epic match-up against the much more powerful Cowboys team, Rich Moranis called a trick-play, which was a lot like the “fumblerooski,” but was instead named “the annexation of Puerto Rico” (check it out here at the 6:10 mark).  The play worked in the movie, and it also worked in real life, as Panthers’ rookie tight end Richie Brockel trotted into the end zone for his first career touchdown.

So the next time someone tells you that stuff in movies never works in real life, I want you to show them this.

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