Bare Butt To The Face Is One Nasty MMA Move (GIF)

<img class="aligncenter" title="mma butt face" src="http://cdn Visit this link” alt=”” width=”497″ height=”279″ />An armbar, guillotine, and rear-naked choke are three great ways for an MMA fighter to submit his opponent.  However, none of those three submission moves are as feared, or as effective, as the dreaded bare-butt to the face.

Derrick Lewis was able to execute the bare-butt to the face maneuver to perfection during the first round of his Legacy Fighting Championship 9 bout against Rakim Cleveland.  Unfortunately, the nasty sight and smell was not enough to get Cleveland to tap, but Lewis was able to use the dominant position to ground-and-pound his opponent for a few seconds before the end of the round.

And while the butt-to-the-face wasn’t enough to earn Lewis the first-round stoppage, it must have stunned his opponent just enough for Lewis to take advantage in the third round, as he would eventually get the stoppage he was looking for, via a third-round TKO.

With the win, Lewis bumps his MMA record to an impressive 6-2.  As for Cleveland, he could be sidelined for a few months with a serious case of pink-eye after receiving a face full of feces in the first round.

Hat Tip – [Cage Potato]

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