NHL Referee Chris Rooney Sticks His Gum On The Glass (Video)

referee sticks gum on glassA 20 minute period can be a long time to chew a single piece of gum, especially when the game is being delayed by a bunch of penalties.  NHL referee Chris Rooney ran into that problem while officiating last night’s game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Los Angeles Kings.  But rather than simply sucking it up and waiting until the end of the period to dispose of his flavorless gum, he found the perfect place to stick it; on the inside of the glass in the time-keeper’s box.

That may have seemed like a convenient location for a piece of gum according to Rooney, but it wasn’t so convenient for David Keon Jr., who proceeded to peel the sticky substance off the glass and place it in an area where it wouldn’t obstruct his view.

Check it out.

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