Cam Janssen Misses A Check, Ends Up In His Own Bench (Video)

cam janssen missed hitCam Janssen’s punches always seem to be on target.  Unfortunately for him, the same can’t be said about his body-checks.

During last night’s game between the New Jersey Devils and the New York Rangers, Janssen thought he had Tim Erixon lined up along the boards for a big hit, but when the Rangers’ defenseman sidestepped the check at the last second, it caused the Devils’ enforcer to go crashing into his own bench at full speed.

Janssen spent the following five seconds trying to get his body right-side-up, as his legs dangled in the air while his head was buried between the legs of Devils’ captain Zach Parise.

You can watch all the awkwardness unfold in the video below.

Hat Tip- [Bob’s Blitz]

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