Reporter’s Terrible Question Confuses Jarome Iginla (Video)

jarome iginla awkward interviewThe Minnesota Wild couldn’t slow down Jarome Iginla during last night’s game at the Saddledome, as the Flames captain scored the game-winning goal and added an assist during Calgary’s 2-1 victory.  As for one female reporter who had a rather interesting question for Iginla following the game, she was able to stop the powerful winger right in his tracks.

With Iginla fielding questions at his locker following a solid performance on the ice, he was confronted with the following question:

“Setting up the play.”

Did you notice how I didn’t even put a question mark following that statement?  That’s because it clearly isn’t a question!  I know that and Jarome does too.  But even after giving the reporter a few opportunities to correct herself, she was unable to do so, causing Iginla to break out the following confession:

“Ya, no.  Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean.”

I’m going to have to agree with Jarome on this one.  I’m not sure what she means either.  And if fielding such a question wasn’t already tough enough, Iginla was somehow able to do so without breaking out into hysterical laughter and/or punching someone.

Check it out.

Hat Tip – [Backhand Shelf via Deadspin]

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