Watch A Woman Choke A Man Unconscious During A Grappling Match (Video)

Courtnie Korpela rear naked chokeHere is an interesting question for you to think about.  If you had the opportunity to grapple with a professionally trained female, would you take it?

Sure, you’re probably thinking that the easy answer would be “yes.”  After all, who wouldn’t want to roll around on a mat and get mounted by a sexy fit female for a couple of minutes.  However, what happens when that sexy fit female puts you to sleep with a rear-naked choke?  Are you willing to suffer through the embarrassment of getting your butt kicked by a woman?

The dude in the video below probably didn’t ask himself the latter question when he stepped into the cage with Courtnie Korpela during the National Cage Grappling Association’s Waukesha Open 4.  And if you were wondering how things turned out for him, you can watch him catch some Z’s in the video below.

Hat Tip – [Sports Untapped]

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