Alkmaar Goalkeeper Gets A Red Card For Defending Himself Against A Violent Pitch Invader (Video)

Esteban Alvarado attacks pitch invaderApparently somewhere in the soccer referee’s handbook, it says that any player who refuses to stand there and take a beating from a pitch invader should be issued a red card.  Well, at least one referee seems to own an officiating handbook with such instructions, and he just so happened to be officiating yesterday’s Dutch Cup match between Ajax and AZ Alkmaar.

With Ajax already leading by a score of 1-0, one of their supporters entered the field of play and attacked Alkmaar keeper Esteban Alvarado.  But rather than simply standing there and taking it, Esteban fought back against the violent fan, taking him to the ground and delivering a few kicks of his own.

While most people wouldn’t see anything wrong with a player defending himself against such attacks, the referee assigned to this match had different feelings about the situation, as he issued a red card to Esteban.  In an effort to protect his team’s safety, Alkmaar coach Gert Jan Verbeek pulled his team from the pitch and the club eventually determined that they would not return to complete the remainder of the match.

That seemed to be a smart choice.  After all, if you can’t count on the referee to ensure your safety out on the pitch, then who can you trust out there?

Here is a look at Esteban’s red-card-worthy act of self-defense.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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