11 Memorable Fan Field Invasions

Don’t you hate it when you’re watching a game and a fan runs out on the field, but the announcers get all sanctimonious and talk about how they aren’t going to show it on TV because they don’t want to glorify this guy’s behavior?

I mean, yes, we all know you shouldn’t run out on the field, and the players must hate it because they never know what the person is going to do. But come on, let’s be real. Yes, sometimes these incidents can be scary, but they can also be entertaining and hilarious. So let’s not all act like we don’t enjoy it on some level.

Today, in honor of the bizarre fan field invasion that occurred during a Dutch soccer game earlier this week, Total Pro Sports brings you a list of some of the most memorable fan field invasions of all time. While some of them are scary, for the most part these incidents involved harmless drunks making fools of themselves and getting creamed by security and/or players.

What’s not to like about that?

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