The Best Table Tennis Shots Of 2011 (Video)

best table tennis shotsYou probably never would have guessed it, but 2011 was quite the year for table tennis lovers.  At least that is what we are led to believe after watching the video below, which features the ten best table tennis shots of 2011.

The video asks viewers to vote on their favorite shot at  At the moment when this article was published, shot No. 6 was at the top of the poll, with 20 of 88 total votes.  It features an incredible display of finesse from Ding Ning, as she lands the ball on he opponent’s side of the table, before watching the backspin take it back over the net and onto her side of the table.  It is one of the few times you will see the loser of a point earn “shot of the year” recognition.

Is it worthy?  Check it and the others out in the video below, and feel free to vote here afterwards.

Hat Tip – [Kottke]

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