After Breaking Record, Drew Brees Thanks Equipment Managers For “Rubbing Down His Balls” (Video)

drew brees record breaking speechBy now you have probably seen the footage of New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees throwing his fourth touchdown during yesterday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons, and breaking Dan Marino’s single season record for most passing yards in the process.  What you may not have seen, however, is footage of Drew Brees taking a moment following the game to thanks his teammates, coaches, and the many others who have helped him accomplish such a feat.

Among those “many others” that Brees credited with helping him get to 5,087 passing yards this season was the equipment managers, who he couldn’t help but thank for the countless hours that they have spent “rubbing down those balls…full service.”

You can check out his entire post-game locker room speech in the video below.  References to ball-rubbing equipment managers begin at the 15 second mark.

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