“The Chicago Blackhawks Holiday Sing-A-Long Album” Is As Bad As You Expected (Video)

chicago blackhawks holiday sing-a-longWhen it comes to playing hockey, few can do it better than the Chicago Blackhawks.

When it comes to singing, few can do it worse than the Chicago Blackhawks.

Patrick Kane, Patrick Sharp, Duncan Kieth and the rest of the Blackhawks players have showcased their talents on the ice all year, as they head into the new year seated at the top of the Western Conference standings.  But recently, they decided to showcase their lack-of-talent in front of a microphone, as they sang to various tunes, including Christmas classics like “Brunette the Red Right Winger” and “I Saw Mommy Kissing Montador.”

This was all done in an effort to promote the upcoming release of their album, “The Chicago Blackhawks Holiday Sing-A-Long.”  Thankfully, most of these players have signed million dollar contracts, because if the following advertisement is any indication, it doesn’t sound like they will be making any money off the sales of this embarrassing CD.

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