Deron Williams And Red Bull Cruise Through The Streets Of New York (Video)

deron williams red bullJoining the likes of Tim Lincecum and Reggie Bush, Deron Williams has recently become the latest edition to Red Bull’s roster of high-profile athletes.  In an effort to celebrate this new partnership, the Red Bull “Heli” was expected to take the Nets’ guard from New Jersey to New York, where he was scheduled to host an NBA season kick-off party.

Unfortunately for D-Will, the 30 mph gusts of wind kept the helicopter grounded.  However, that wouldn’t be enough to keep the Olympic Gold medalist from his target destination, as he was able to flag down a Red Bull Military Extreme Vehicle, which carried him through the streets of Newark before dropping him off at the party in Manhattan’s SoHo district.

While D-Will may have been somewhat disappointed that he didn’t get to check out the bright lights of New York from above, he still seemed awfully pleased with how the entire night worked out.

“Even though the original plan of checking out the skyline from a heli didn’t go as planned, it was an incredible night out,” said Williams. “I had a fun ride into Manhattan, and my friends at Red Bull threw a great party to welcome me to the family.”

For those of you who would like to revisit this journey through New York with Deron Williams, you can do so via the video below.

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