Now Dennis Rodman Is Coaching A Stripper Basketball Team!

dennis rodman stripper basketball coach

One month ago we announced that Spud Webb would be taking his talents to New York City to coach a basketball team composed of dancers from Rick’s Cabaret NYC.  Spud’s team was expected to take on teams made of dancers from the other Rick’s Cabaret locations around the United States, but the league (Rick’s Basketball Association) was disbanded when the NBA lockout officially ended just days after Webb was hired.

But just when it seemed like our dream of watching strippers play basketball would be nothing more than that – a dream – Dennis Rodman has come to save the day.

Recent reports have indicated that Rodman plans on creating his own basketball team with the sexy women from Headquarters Gentlemen’s Club, which is also located in New York.  The NBA Hall-Of-Famer is set to hold tryouts for women over 5’10” who are interested in joining the team, and he has also challenged the women of Rick’s Cabaret NYC to take on his team of strippers in a charity match.

Sexy women jumping and running up and down a court in tiny shorts and shirts!  And its all for charity!  What’s not to like about this idea?

Hat Tip – [Fox Sports]


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