Out-Of-Sync Clocks Make For Crazy Finish Between MSU and Wisconsin (Video)

wisconsin buzzer beaterOn Monday, the Wisconsin football team came a fraction of a second short of having one final chance to tie the Oregon Ducks during the Rose Bowl.  Last night, it was the Badgers basketball team that could have used an extra tenth of a second.

While both University of Wisconsin teams suffered similar last-second defeats, it was the manner in which the basketball team’s loss occurred that sets these two instances apart.  During the Rose Bowl, there was no question that the time had run out before Badgers quarterback Russell Wilson could spike the ball at the Ducks’ 25-yard line.

As for last night’s game, I’m still not sure what to make of those final seconds.

With the Badgers trailing the Michigan State Spartans by three with less than five seconds remaining, Jordan Taylor’s three-point attempt missed the target, but Ryan Evans was able to grab the rebound, carry the ball outside the three-point arch and hit what appeared to be a game-tying basket.  The initial replay looked as though the basket would stand, but that was before everyone realized that the time on the arena scoreboard – which is the one used on the screen during television broadcasts – was one second behind the time that is displayed on the shot clock directly behind the backboard.

As it turns out, the time on the shot-clock overrides the time on the arena scoreboard, resulting in no basket and a Spartans victory.

The replay at the 0:35 mark provides a great view of the differentiation between the two clocks.  You can check it out below.

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