Charles Barkley Admits His Weight Watchers Endorsement Is A Scam (Video)

charles barkley weight watchersDoes being paid to lose weight sound like a scam to you?  It sure as hell sounds like a big scam to Charles Barkley.  And according to Barkley, it just so happens to be an even bigger scam than being paid to watch sports (wait…Did Barkley just call me a scammer?).

During TNT’s broadcast of last night’s game between the Atlanta Hawks and the Miami Heat, someone forgot to tell Barkley that’s stream of the game does not include commercials.  Therefore, everything that Barkley was saying into his microphone during the commercial breaks could be heard by the thousands of fans watching the game on the internet.  And among the comments he never expected us all to hear was the following:

“I’ve been on Weight Watchers for three months.  I have to lose two pounds a week.  I’m at 38 pounds now.  They come and weigh me every two weeks.  I never missed a weigh-in.  Never going to.  I feel much better, but I ain’t givin’ away no money Kev.  I’m not givin’ away no free money.  I thought this was the greatest scam going; getting paid to watch sports.  This Weight Watchers things is a bigger scam.”

In case you were wondering, Barkley wasn’t calling Weight Watchers a scam.  Instead, he was calling the fact that they are paying him to lose weight a scam.  And I couldn’t agree more!

Just one question Charles: Where can a full-time sports blogger who sits on his butt in front of a laptop all day sign up for a gig like that?

Hat Tip – [Awful Announcing via Hot Clicks]

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