Female Survives Near-Fatal Fall After Bungee Cord Snaps (Video)

bungee cord snapIn an effort to spice up life, I have recently considered giving bungee jumping a shot.

After watching the video below, I think I’ll stick with roller coasters as my source of extreme adventure.

The clip comes from the Zambesi River, which divides the African countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe.  During a recent trip to the area on December 31st, Erin Langworthy of Perth, Australia signed up to take the 111-foot plunge off the Victoria Falls Bridge.  But when her bungee cord snapped following her initial decline, she was sent crashing hard into the crocodile-infested water below.  With a broken collar bone and her legs tied together, Erin was pulled into the rapids, but she somehow managed to make it safely to the Zimbabwe bank, where she was eventually rescued.

Erin was treated for injuries at a clinic in Zimbabwe, before being taken to South Africa.  Her recovery has gone well and she has since returned home to Australia.

The frightening jump that nearly took her life was captured on video.  You can check it out below.

Hat Tip – [The Star via reader Cooner]

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