PBA Bowler Josh Blanchard Take An Embarrassing Spill (Video)

josh blanchard fallBowling doesn’t seem like a very dangerous sport, but sometimes all it takes is the slightest step over the foul line for disaster to strike.  Professional Bowling Association rookie Josh Blanchard learned that the hard way during a recent World Championship qualifier in Las Vegas.

Things were already looking bad for Blanchard, as he was bowling an embarrassing 129 heading into the ninth frame.  And then his bad round suddenly got a lot worse, as his thumb got stuck in the ball, causing him to step over the foul line and onto the greasy floor, resulting in a rather embarrassing spill into the right-hand gutter.

It is times like this that most people would prefer to find a gutter to hide in.  Blanchard just so happened to fall right into one, but unfortunately for him, it wasn’t deep enough to shield him from the ridicule of onlookers.

Check out Bomani Jones’ reaction to the incident during a commercial break from today’s episode of “Around the Horn.”

Hat Tip – [Huffington Post]

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