A Tecmo Bowl Re-Enactment Of Tebow’s Game-Winning Pass To Demaryius Thomas (Video)

tim tebow tecmo bowlFirst it was Conan O’Brien re-enacting the incredible moment that saw Tim Tebow hook up with Demaryius Thomas for a game-winning 80-yard touchdown pass on the first play of overtime during the Denver Broncos’ 29-23 Wild Card victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Now it is Tecmo Bowl’s turn to get in on the act, as they provided us with their own rendition of the the magical play that has sent the Broncos into the Divisional Round of the playoffs, where they will meet up with the New England Patriots.

You can bet Bill Belichick has already stuck his Tecmo Bowl game cartridge inside is Nintendo Entertainment System and is spending every waking moment trying to figure out a way to stop this play.  And while most of you would probably suggest that the simple answer would be to simply “make a tackle,” we should remind you that performing such a simple task hasn’t exactly been an easy thing to do for the Patriots’ defense this season.

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