Crazy Dude Surfs On The Windshield Of His Speeding Car (Video)

windshield surfingWhile surfing out on the ocean, you always run the risk of encountering a shark, a humpback whale, or some leftover oil from the BP spill.  However, I would certainly take my chances with ocean surfing, and the risks that come with it, rather than taking park in the other type of surfing; high-speed car surfing.

As for the guy in the video below, he seems to enjoy pushing himself to the limits, and putting his life on the line in the process.  So he decided to climb out from behind the wheel of his moving vehicle, through the sunroof, and onto his front-windshield while his car was racing down an empty road at an incredibly high speed.

Did he survive?  You are going to have to watch the video below in order to find that out.

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