WVU’s Darwin Cook Apologizes To Obie, The Orange Bowl Mascot He Assaulted (Video)

darwin cook hugs obieBy now most of us have already seen Darwin Cook’s 99-yard fumble return for a touchdown and his ensuing tackle on Obie during last week’s Orange Bowl contest against the Clemson Tigers.  What you probably haven’t seen yet, however, was Cook’s post-game apology to Obie, who just so happens to be a female.

Cook was clearly unaware of the sex of the individual hidden beneath the costume of the Orange Bowl mascot, but when he was informed by reporters of the fact that Obie was a female during a post-game interview, you can see a look of remorse develop instantly on his face.  Apparently, Cook has no problem assaulting defenseless mascots, unless, of course, they are females.

Luckily for both Cook and Obie, no one was injured during the incident and the two of them were able to hug it out after the game.  You can check out their reconciliation in the video below.

Hat Tip – [Dr. Saturday]


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