9 Extremely Charitable Sports Wives

When people talk about the wives and girlfriends of pro athletes, it usually has something to do with how hot they are. And we here at Total Pro Sports have certainly been known to put out a list of hot WAGs (or even hot ex-WAGs) from time to time. But we shouldn’t focus solely on the attractiveness of player wives, because the reality is these women often do a lot of amazing work to make the communities they live in better. So today we thought we’d bring you a list of 9 incredibly charitable player wives.

Interestingly, it is so common for the wives of pro athletes to work tirelessly on behalf of charities that it proved impossible to come up with a difinitive list of the “most” charitable. So instead we just put together a list of women whose charitable activites stood out to us. By all means, if you know of other examples of player wives doing amazing charity work, let us here it. The more publicity these people get for their endeavors, the better.

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