A Tim Tebow-Michele Bachmann Love Child Would Look Like Justin Bieber (Image)

After posting NMA World’s animated news story regarding Tim Tebow’s playoff victory over the Steelers, I was about to promise myself that I would not post another Tim Tebow-related article today.  Thank God I didn’t, because while reading up on what kind of chances my 49ers have against Drew Brees and the Saints this Saturday, I noticed that the “Hot Topic” on NFL.com featured Tim Tebow and his possible celebrity wives.  And when I went inside, there was a gallery that featured images of what Tebow’s kids would look like with each of these different celebrity wives.

It was a brilliant opportunity for NFL.com to break away from their “No Fun League” reputation, but they failed miserably, as the gallery offered little more than a bunch of random baby pictures…

…and this image, which predicted that a Tim Tebow-Michele Bachmann love-child would look exactly like Justin Bieber.

You can check out the others here.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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