Arsenal Fans Trash-Talk Samir Nasri While Driving (Video)

samir nasri in porscheA quick look at the Premier League table shows Manchester City in first place with 48 points (three ahead of second place Manchester United and Tottenham), while Arsenal sits in fifth, with 36 points.  But despite sitting 12 points behind Man City in the standings, Arsenal fans have still managed to find a few reasons to gloat in front of their City rivals

The first is concerning their success in the UEFA Champions League tournament, as Arsenal was able to reach the round of 16, while Manchester City bowed out following a rough run during the group stage.  As for the second reason, that came via a 1-0 loss by City in the first leg of their Carling Cup semi-final match against Liverpool yesterday.

Following the game, a few Arsenal fans were able to bask in the glory of City’s failure, as they caught up to Man City midfielder Samir Nasri in his Porsche Panamera and proceeded to tease the former Arsenal star.  But being the world-class midfielder that he is, Nasri was able to display a quick and effective counter-attack, as he simply replied “top of the league,” before speeding off in the automobile that his £175,000/week contract helped him pay for.

Check it out.

Hat Tip reader Cooner.

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