Magic Johnson Calling Game Highlights For ESPN Was A Big Failure (Video)

magic johnson awful commentatingWhen it comes to creating basketball highlights, few could do it better than Magic Johnson.  When it comes to calling basketball highlights, few can do it worse.

In an attempt to spice up their NBA coverage, ESPN put together a studio team consisting of Magic, Jon Barry, Chris Broussard and Mike Wilbon.  That line-up may have seemed like a “slam dunk,” but instead, it has been more of an “air ball.”  That was evident last night, when not even Broussard’s poor spelling could over-shadow the catastrophe that unfolded when Magic Johnson was asked to provide commentary for the Lakers vs. Jazz game highlights.

While a part of me would love to insult Johnson’s cue card reading abilities (or inabilities), another part of me remains unsure as to whether I can even consider that to be “reading” at all.  Instead, it sounds more like a mixture of confusion and verbal diarrhea.

Sorry Magic!  We still love you, but perhaps commentary isn’t your thing.

Hat Tip – [Awful Announcing]



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