Jimmy Fallon Brings David Bowie And Tim Tebow Together To Form “Tebowie” (Video)

tebowieTim Tebow’s first playoff victory has seemingly sent the entertainment and sporting worlds into a frenzy!  Suddenly, Conan O’Brien is re-enacting the game-winning touchdown in overtime with his Peanut Players.  Tecmo Bowl has followed suit.  Playboy Playmates are Tebowing.  And even the Taiwanese are talking about it.

Now Jimmy Fallon has jumped on the “Tim Tebow Love Affair” bandwagon as well, as he provided us with a look at what a Tim Tebow-David Bowie crossbreed might look and sound like during last night’s show.

And to think that all of this has occurred after just one playoff victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.  I can’t even begin to imagine what we will see if Tebow and the Broncos pull off the upset in New England on Saturday night.

Hat Tip to reader CP

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