12 Best NBA Court Designs Of 2012

The NBA certainly has its share of problems (like commissioner David Stern). But if there’s one thing the league has going for it, it’s that it looks good on TV. And in an age when every single game is televised, looking good on TV really matters.

In fact, I would argue that, among the big four pro sports leagues in North America, no league is better than the NBA at marketing its “brands” during games. Consider, for example, that when you watch the NFL or MLB, the majority of your TV screen is filled with grass. Meanwhile, when you watch the NHL, every square inch of your TV screen is filled with advertisements. However, when you watch the NBA, your screen is filled with the colors and logos of the home team. And that’s smart, because it looks good and it makes people want to buy their stuff.

So today, let’s celebrate one of the things the NBA really does right with a list of the 12 best court designs of 2012. Some are classic designs that never change; others are fresh and modern. In each case, they look damn fine on a 42″ HD TV.