Great Comeback Followed By The Manliest Thing You Will Ever See From A Soccer Player (Video)

Besart Berisha fightWatching the Brisbane Roar come back from a 1-0 deficit three minutes into injury time to defeat Sydney 2-1 during Saturday’s A-League match was already exciting enough…

And then, with his team basking in the glory of a very unlikely win moments after the game’s final whistle, Brisbane’s Besart Berisha took part in the manliest act you will ever see on a soccer pitch; he ripped off his shirt and tugged on the arm of Sydney’s Pascal Bosschaart, inviting him back to the locker room for a fight, mano-a-mano.

Bosschaart seemed confused at first, but when he and his teammates realized what Berisha’s intentions were, they all made their way towards the tunnel, resulting in some pushing and shoving, but nothing more.

You can watch all of the action from the final minutes of this exciting game unfold in the video below.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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