Here Are The Top Five Plays From The Divisional Round Of The NFL Playoffs (Videos)

the grab

The excitement continued during the second week of the 2012 NFL playoffs, as those teams that advanced to the Divisional Round were left with a tough act to follow after Wild Card weekend.  And they didn’t disappoint, thanks in large part to an extraordinary finish in San Francisco, another exciting finish in Baltimore, and a big upset in Green Bay.  Each of those contests, along with the weekend’s other game, which featured a romp by the Patriots over the Broncos, treated us to plenty of great plays.

Below, we treat you to the five best from this weekend’s NFL playoff action.

5.  Lee Evans one-handed grab – There weren’t many spectacular plays in this game, largely due to the stellar play of both defensive units.  However, we were treated to one incredible play on offense, and it comes courtesy of the left hand of Ravens’ wide receiver Lee Evans, who made this grab late in the third quarter to give his team the first down and keep their drive alive.

4.  Alex Smith 28-yard Touchdown Run – Alex Smith was having a terrific day throwing the ball, but his best play of the day may have been the one he made with his feet late in the fourth quarter with his team trailing by one point.  This looked like it would be the game-winning touchdown, but little did we know that he would need one more thrilling moment in order to earn the victory for his team.  Needless to say, this won’t be the last you see of Alex Smith on this list.

3.  Deion Branch 61-yard touchdown pass from Tom Brady – With just over two minutes remaining in the first half and the New England Patriots leading by a score of 21-7, they looked to be in control, but Brady knew that there was still plenty of time for him to add more points on the board before heading into the locker room for halftime.  He wouldn’t take long to add those points, as he connected with Deion Branch down the sideline on the first play of the drive for the 61-yard touchdown.

2.  Hakeem Nicks 37-yard Hail Mary Touchdown Reception from Eli Manning – With only six seconds remaining in the first half and the ball on the Packers’ 37-yard line, many of the people inside Lambeau, including the Packers’ defense, probably figured the Giants would simply try to set up a long field-goal attempt.  They didn’t.  Instead, the Giants went for it all, as Eli aired one out to Nicks, who came down with the ball in the end zone and gave his team a 20-10 lead heading into the half.

1.  Vernon Davis Game-Winning Touchdown Pass From Alex Smith – During what may have been the most exciting final four minutes of any playoff game in NFL history, the San Francisco 49ers capped off their brilliant game-winning drive in the final minute with this touchdown pass from Alex Smith to Vernon Davis, which gave them the 36-32 victory while bringing back memories of Montana-to-Clark and Young-to-Owens in the process. Here is another look at the play, with calls from both the Saints’ and the 49ers’ radio stations.

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