Alex Ovechkin Does Some Russian Rapping With Sasha Belyi (Video)

alex ovechkin rappingIn America, most rap videos are accompanied by wads of cash, plenty of bling, fancy cars, and dozens of sexy, scantily clad women with booties that go for days.

Apparently in Russia they do things a little different, as their rap videos are accompanied by a skinny female in baggy pants, a kickboxer and Alex Ovechkin.

The Capitals’ superstar hasn’t been doing much on the ice this season (he has only 35 points in 43 games, which ranks well outside the league’s top 30), but that hasn’t stopped him from getting plenty done off it.  In addition to wining and dining the lovely Maria Kirilenko, Ovechkin has also found time to step into a studio with Russian rapper Sasha Belyi and sing a verse for his song, “Champion.”

I’m not sure Ovechkin knows anything about rapping or being a champion, but I think we just found the Caps’ new victory song!

Hat Tip – [Puck Daddy]

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