Nottingham’s Robbie Findley Misses Open Net From Two Feet Away (Video)

robbie findley missThe dimensions of a professional soccer net are 8 feet tall by 24 feet wide.  And while that may seem awfully big, it was about 10 feet too short for Nottingham Forest striker Robbie Findley.

During an FA Cup match against Leicester City yesterday, Findley found himself to be in the right place at the right time when a rebound landed squarely on his right foot only inches away from a wide open goal.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t capitalize on the opportunity, as he sent his shot soaring several feet over the crossbar.

Nottingham sure could have used that goal, and at least three others, but they would come away with none, as this embarrassing miss eventually translated into an equally embarrassing 4-0 loss.

Hat Tip – [Huffington Post]

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