Gina Carano Tells Conan O’Brien Why Cagefighting Is Like Sex (Video)

gina carano on conanIn case you haven’t noticed, we have been providing you all with anything and everything Gina Carano as of late.  One reason for this is the increased exposure that the female MMA fighter has received in recent weeks with her movie “Haywire” set to hit theaters today.  Another reason would be the simple fact that we think she is smoking hot.

Last night Carano made an appearance on Conan to promote her movie, “Haywire,” and she gave us yet another good reason to talk about her, as she dropped by the studio to explain to Conan O’Brien how she got into mixed martial arts, and why cagefighting is a lot like sex.

A gorgeous, curvy, fit woman who enjoys drinking 40’s of beer and rolling around on a mat with others?  If I wasn’t already in love with Gina Carano, I certainly am now!

Hat Tip – [Team Coco]

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