15 Gnarly Hockey Faces

The NHL is not a place for guys who take great pride in their good looks and impeccable bone structure. In fact, if you have reservations about suffering permanent facial disfigurement, you might want to think about taking up another sport.

The Edmonton Oilers’ Taylor Hall certainly know what I’m talking about. Last week, the 20-year-old up-and-comer had a pretty scary rendezvous with the skate blade of teammate Corey Potter during the warmup for a game between the Oilers and Blue Jackets. Now he’s got one of the nastiest hockey scars we’ve seen in a long time (which, ironically, will probably only help him with the ladies, because hockey chicks dig scars).

Today, in celebration of Taylor Hall’s new face decoration, here are 15 amazingly messed up hockey mugs we’ve seen throughout the years. If you didn’t realize how badass hockey players were before, you definitely will after you check this out.

But be warned: some of the images that follow are not for the faint of heart.