Should Dwight Howard Take This Hot Coed Up On Her Challenge? (Video)

blonde coed challenges dwight howardDwight Howard has had plenty of opportunities to work on his free-throws this season, but that hasn’t helped him improve his shot from the line, as he is converting on only 45.8% of his attempts this season.  One cute blonde from the University of Central Florida is now looking to cash in on Dwight’s deficiency from the line, as she has officially challenged Howard to a free-throw competition.

So what’s at stake you ask?  Simple.  If the female, Margo Lorbecke, wins, Howard has to pay for the rest of her college education.  And if Dwight wins, then he can “pick something for her to do.”  Included among the possible “somethings” that Margo mentions are painting herself blue and/or washing his cars.  However, I’d suggest to Dwight that he makes things a little more interesting, and I don’t think I have to explain what I’m talking about.

Hat Tip – [Sweater Punch]

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