12 Super Hot Super Bowl WAGs (2012 Edition)

Now that Super Bowl XLVI is set and the 2011 NFL Season is about to be wrapped up, it’s time to begin pouring over stats, crunching numbers, and making predictions. But rather than use all the usual stats and records to come up with a prediction, I thought it might be fun to take a different approach. So instead of QB ratings and turnovers, I’m going to analyze the hotness of the Giants’ and Patriots’ wives and girlfriends. This analysis, I believe, will prove which team has more to lose by choking in the Super Bowl and becoming a national laughing stock. And the team with more to lose (i.e. with hotter WAGs) should be the team who tries harder and, therefore, comes out on top.

I think it’s a pretty sound theory. So here it goes. I hope you can keep up with this cutting edge analysis.

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