Roma’s Erik Lamela Kicks Juve’s Giorgio Chiellini In The Groin (Videos)

It may be hard to see it in detail, but if you look closely at the bottom of the screen at around the six-second mark of the video below, you will notice one man in a white shirt kicking another man in a pink shirt in the groin (yes, even men who wear pink shirts have groins).

The man in the pink shirt is Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini.  As for the guy in the white shirt, that would be Roma’s Erik Lamela.  The incident took place during yesterday’s Coppa Italia match between the two clubs, and as you may have already guess (or seen in the above video), the act earned Lamela a red card, as well as an earful from Chiellini’s teammates.

For those who were wondering, Juventus would go on to earn the 3-0 victory.  If the previous video of the nut-cracking incident didn’t completely satisfy you, I suggest you check out the close-up provided in the video below.

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