Clippers’ Chris Paul And Lakers’ Pau Gasol Exchange Hair Product Tips (Video)

chris paul rubs paul gasol's headIf the Battle of Los Angeles wasn’t already on before, it sure as hell is on now following last night’s physical affair between the Lakers and the Clippers at the Staples Center.  And while no punches were throw during the most recent edition of this bitter rivalry, there was some heavy head-petting being dished out between Pau Gasol and Chris Paul.

With only one second remaining in the game and Gasol headed to the free throw line to close out the Lakers’ victory, he and Chris Paul exchanged a few words, with Paul eventually calling Gasol “soft.”  I’m not sure if the Clippers’ guard was referring the Pau’s play, or his hair, but their exchange of words soon became an exchange of hair product tips, as they each took turns running their hands through the other’s hair.

And the touching didn’t stop there, as the two of them had one last run-in following the game’s final buzzer.  Is anyone else hoping that these two teams meet up in the playoffs?

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