9 Reasons Why They Should Just Pull The Plug On The NHL All-Star Game

This may come to a shock to some sports fans, but the 2012 NHL All-Star Game is this weekend. No, really. And I’ll give you twenty bucks if you can tell me where the game is being held without hitting up Google. (Just kidding. I will not be giving anyone twenty bucks.)

I mean no disrespect to the NHL or hockey in general. In fact, hockey is one of my favorite sports. I watch at least a couple of games a week, and come playoff time I hardly ever leave the couch. But the NHL All-Star Game is so freakin lame, you just can’t get excited about it. If a serious fan like me had no idea the game would be on January 29 until about January 22, how earth does the NHL think they’re going to attract any casual fans?

And the thing is, the NHL doesn’t need this silly nonsense. Take it away, and I guarantee no one would miss it. So I think it’s time they put an end to the whole thing and let us all move on with our lives.

But just in case you’re not sold yet on the idea of scrapping the NHL All-Star Game, here are 9 reasons why the league needs to pull the plug.

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