Patrick Kane Loves The Blonde And Other Great Sound Bytes From The NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft (Video)

patrick kane loves the blondeLast night the NHL held their second annual All-Star Game Fantasy Draft, as team captains Zdeno Chara and Daniel Alfredsson took turns selecting All-Star invitees until they had both filled up their respective rosters and there was no one left to choose from.

Perhaps the most interesting part about this All-Star format is seeing which players are considered the best among their peers and were chosen early on in the draft, and which have yet to establish a name for themselves and were therefore left to wait until the later rounds to be selected.  Another interesting aspect of the show was listening in on the mic’d up players, as they discuss everything, from the players being selected to the blonde smokeshow handing out the jerseys.

Patrick Kane took a moment to discuss the latter while sitting alongside Florida Panthers’ defenseman Brian Campbell.  You can listen to that and many other sounds bytes from last night’s festivities in the video below (Kane’s approval of the blonde comes at the 1:42 mark).

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