13 Weird NBA Tattoos

Remember when NBA players were all clean-cut, nerdy-looking guys? Yeah, me neither. But I’ve seen photos, and they’re pretty hilarious—partly just because the dudes look silly in their own right, and partly because they stand in such stark contrast with the inked-up guys that play in the league today.

Yes, it has been estimated by top sports economists that the average NBA player spends 70-80% of his salary on tattoos.

Okay fine, I just made that figure up. But though the numbers may be incorrect, the sentiment is true: basketball players are addicted to tattoos. And while some of them are pretty awesome, there are still a lot that are pretty weird.

Since I happen to like weird stuff, let’s have a gander at some of the weirdest tattoos in the NBA today. They’re not necessarily bad (though they may be), but they’re all a little questionable.