Everton Fan Handcuffs Himself To The Goal Post (Video)

everton fan handcuff to goal postPitch invaders are usually handcuffed by police after they have been apprehended and escorted off the field.  However, one fan was hoping to do things his own way when he entered the field of play during today’s Premier League match-up between Manchester City and Everton.

Not only did he supply the handcuffs, but this fan also went so far as to apply them onto his own wrists.  The only problem was that his hands were positioned around one of the goal posts while doing so, resulting in a lengthy delay as stadium security attempted to release him.

If this act by the Everton fan was performed with the intentions of sending a message to the ninth-place club, it seemed to have worked, as they escaped with the unlikely 1-0 victory over second-place Man City.  Unfortunately, the pitch invader wasn’t even around to enjoy it.  It’s too bad security was able to find a key and get him out of there.  He would have had a wonderful view of the victory from where he was situated.

On a side note, what could Phil Neville possible be saying to him?

Check it out.

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