Here’s Vince Carter’s Behind-The-Back Shot That Didn’t Count (Video)

vince carter behind-the-back shotThe Dallas Mavericks’ Vince Carter recorded a total of 21 points that counted during last night’s 122-99 victory over the Phoenix Suns.  However, it was the two points that didn’t count that were his most impressive of the evening, as he tossed up a behind-the-back finger-roll that dropped through the hoop, but was waved off because a foul had already been called and continuation was not awarded by the officials.

While some of you may say that this is typical Vince Carter, doing his best work when it doesn’t count, I’d argue that this is a big improvement for the 35-year-old veteran.  After all, many of us have grown accustomed to seeing him hit the deck in a heap of pain following even the softest of fouls, rather than providing us with a highlight reel behind-the-back shot like this one.

Check it out.

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