High School Basketball Player Scores Game-Winning Basket For The Other Team (Video)

high school basketball player scores in his own netMost high school athletes dream of doing something great that will get them some recognition among their peers, like scoring the game-winning basket for their school’s basketball team. 

Ryan Potocnik of Charlotte Christian High School had his dream come true recently, when he scored the game-winning basket during the 2012 Hilton Invitational in Norcross, Georgia.  However, that dream turned out to be more of a nightmare, as his game-winning basket was actually scored in his own net, giving the opposing team from Norcross the 58-57 lead with only seconds remaining. The hosts would go on to add two more free-throws to earn the 60-57 victory.

Unfortunately for Potocnik, this incident probably won’t make him the cool guy on Charlotte Christian’s campus anytime soon, but I’m sure their loving him in Norcross at the moment.  You can see why in the video below.

(Footage begins at the 0:30 mark)

Hat Tip – [Awful Announcing]

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