Patriots Players Give Us Their Best Rob Gronkowski Impersonations (Video)

gronk impersonationMedia Day at the Super Bowl has always provided us with some great content.  Last year we were entertained by Inez Sainz’s popularity and Maria Menounos’ infatuation with Clay Matthews’ hair.  This time around it is Patriots’ tight end Rob Gronkowski who appears to be garnering much of the attention from both the media and his teammates, as several Patriots players were asked to provide their best impersonation of the second year star.

As you probably expected, the results were not pretty.

And while the rest of his teammates were busy imitating him, Gronk was busy doing Gronk-like things, such as ogling and sweet-talking Extra’s Maria Menounos as she explains her Super Bowl bet with A.J. Calloway to him.

So what was Gronkowski’s response to hearing that if the Patriots lose, Maria would have to wear a Giants bikini while hosting the show?

“At least there’s a positive if we lose.”

Well played Gronk.  Check it out.

Hat Tip – [NESN]



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