25 Awesome Gina Carano Animated GIFs

With the critical and box office success of Gina Carano‘s latest film, Haywire, I’d say the chances of her ever making a serious, prolonged return to the world of MMA are slim. And could you blame her? With her stunning good looks and amazing skill set, she’s got a chance to be the biggest female action hero in the history of cinema. And while I can’t say for sure, I’m guessing there’s a lot more money to be made in Hollywood than women’s kickboxing.

The bright side of Carano’s career shift is that we get to see her do her thing up on the silver screen (and perhaps soon in 3-D). The downside of this career shift is, obviously, that there may be no more mind-bogglingly sexy weigh-ins.

Fortunately, Gina’s past weigh-ins (as well as other various sexy activities) will always be memorialized in animated GIF form. And here are 25 excellent examples of what I’m talking about.