Nyjer Morgan Practices With The San Jose Sharks (Video)

nyjer morgan san jose sharksNyjer Morgan has shown that he has the ability to take on several different forms, from Tony Plush to Beast Mode.  Yesterday, he traveled to California to take on another one of his alternative forms…

Hockey player.

With the name “Plush” printed on the back of his jersey, Morgan took to the ice to show off his skills at a San Jose Sharks practice.  Playing hockey is nothing new to Nyjer, who spent much of his childhood taking part in the sport.  He would even go on to play seven games for the Regina Pats of the Western Hockey League, recording two goals and 20 penalty minutes during his time with the team.

By the looks of it, his time in the MLB hasn’t caused him to completely lose his scoring touch on the ice, as he was able to bury a few of his penalty shot attempts.  And if his brawl with the Marlins two seasons ago is any indication, it appears as though he hasn’t lost his aggressive nature either, but he was able to refrain from dropping the gloves and going a round with Joe Thornton on this occasion.

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