The Krispy Kreme Challenge Is A Marathon Fit For A Fat Man

Krispy Kreme Challenge 2011/Photo by Becky Kirkland

A five-mile run and a dozen glazed donuts might seem like quite the odd combination, but for 7,700 individuals at NC State, these two contradicting forces make for the perfect pair.

It’s called the Krispy Kreme Challenge, and it began back in December 2004 when Greg Mulholland – a student at NC State at the time – and a few of his friends decided to run from the Belltower to the Krispy Kreme store on Peace Street, inhale a dozen glazed donuts as quickly as they could, and run back to campus.  According to Mulholland, the run was “miserable,” but it didn’t stop them from finishing the race and making it an annual event.

Mulholland and his friends have graduated and moved on, but the Krispy Kreme Challenge continues to grow stronger than ever, as the boys left behind a solid foundation following their graduation in 2007 that has led to the development of a 30-member organizing committee, and helped raise more than $100,000 for the North Carolina Children’s Hospital last year.

This year’s event is scheduled to take place on the morning of Saturday, February4th at its usual location.  So if you happen to be strolling through the NC State campus over the weekend and you see someone curled up in a ball next to some regurgitated donuts, you’ll know how they got there.

Hat Tip – [NC State]

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