13 Sensational Super Bowl Scandals

The thing I like best about the Super Bowl is that it’s not just a sporting event. It’s a pop culture phenomenon, and all the stuff surrounding the actual game—whether it’s the halftime show, or the commercials, or the performance of the National Anthem—has a life of it’s own.

Who was that hot girl seen with the backup kicker? Some intrepid reporter will find out. Will the washed up singer starring in the halftime show make a fool of herself? Tune in at six to find out what the experts think. Which commercial will be the big winner this year? Hear from a panel of experts.

So yeah, when it comes to the Super Bowl, just about any little thing can be made into a big deal. Then again, not everything surrounding the Super Bowl is pure hype. Sometimes there really are legitimate scandals leading up to or during the big game. And since Super Bowl XLVI is going down this Sunday, I thought I’d provide you with a rundown of 13 biggest scandals in the history of the event.

So check ‘em out.