Frozen Fisticuffs Fight Of The Night — Three From Tom Sestito — 2/5/12

tom sestitoTake part in one fight, and you give yourself a shot at earning a spot on the “Frozen Fisticuffs Fight of the Night.”  Take part in two fights in a single game and you immediately become a favorite to earn the honor.  Take part in three fights, and you are a shoe-in.

Tom Sestito achieved “shoe-in” status during yesterday’s game against the New York Rangers, as he dropped the gloves during each of the game’s three periods (against Brandon Dubinsky, Stu Bickel and Brandon Prust, in that order) and earned himself a much-deserved spot on the “Frozen Fisticuffs Fight of the Night” for Sunday, February 5, 2012.

Here is a look at each of his three fights from yesterday afternoon, in the order in which they occurred.

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